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How can the selling concept be beneficial when attempting to gain employment? 


Establishing relationships is key when it comes to selling sponsorships. Connecting on a personal level, builds loyalty and strengthens relationships. The activities that go into building strong relationships also prove beneficial when implementing the seven step selling process.  The seven step selling process is used successfully across a large variety of industries, including the entertainment industry. Each step is applicable and important in regards to generating income by means of selling a product, service, or even a sponsorship, whether it be for an event or entertainment broadcast.  

The Seven Step Selling Process: 

Prospecting. Not only finding new sponsors, but also determining which sponsors’ needs and wants can be satisfied by the benefits you are offering.  


Pre-Approach. Do your research. Gather relevant information, such as company values or goals and past sponsorship experiences that will assist you during your initial contact with prospects.   

Approach. Whether it be with a question or giving a gift, develop a way to engage your prospect.  You want to involve them in interaction as quickly as possible.  

Presentation. Although the presentation step involves providing the prospect with information, listening to the needs and wants is just as important. Your sponsorship proposal is useless if you are not fulfilling the prospect’s desire.  

Handling Objectives. Thorough preparation will allow you to overcome objections and concerns from the prospect.  Prepare yourself with common objections but also be knowledgeable enough to answer any concerns that may arise.  

Closing. This step notifies the prospect it is time to make a decision. Offering a choice or providing a deadline are common closing techniques.  

Follow-up. Contacting the prospect after the initial meeting shows you value the relationship. The objective in this step is not to sell but to build and maintain a strong relationship.  



Upon completion of this lesson, students will develop the skills through which they may:  ​​

  • Apply knowledge of networking to establish relationship with potential sponsors. 

  • Apply knowledge of the selling process and appropriate selling techniques to sell sponsorships for the entertainment broadcast.  

Click HERE to see full lesson plan with activities. 

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