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Students begin by setting goals for their concert, pertaining to how much profit they intend to make,  satisfaction of attendees, and effectiveness of marketing strategies. 

Then, students identify and analyze their target market, in order to effectively set ticket prices, develop marketing strategies, and create a desirable event space. 

Throughout the program, students maintain an event budget, which directly affects the development of their sponsorship proposals, complete with various price and benefits packages. 

Students must also design and oversee the logistics of the concert, including set-up, production, and post-show activities. 

Finally, students analyze their success and failure as it relates to their goals established at the beginning of the program.

Reach and Teach is an educational program that allows students to plan, promote and execute a concert, giving them hands-on experience, which not only teaches content knowledge but also employability skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Complete with all lesson plans and resources, Reach and Teach is geared toward career and technical education, specifically business and marketing, and implemented into the daily classroom activities.


  • Motivate and encourage students to discover new career paths. 

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop essential soft skills. 

  • Inspire teachers to explore new teaching methods. 

  • Facilitate productive partnerships between schools and industry & community leaders.


Although Reach and Teach is designed for all students, the program especially identifies with students who struggle to engage and succeed in a traditional classroom setting. Unfortunately, these students typically get overlooked and “fall through the cracks.” Reach and Teach uniquely provides these students with a purpose and confidence, just as organized sports do for athletes.


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