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Reach and Teach is founded on the principle of authentic, student-led learning. We firmly believe in allowing students to gain knowledge through real-world experiences. The classroom environment has changed substantially in the past decade. Students no longer experience effective learning through listening to lectures, memorizing vocabulary, and taking multiple-choice tests. Instead, students are learning by doing. This program is dedicated to bringing hands-on learning and real-world application into the classroom as a means of exploring various career paths, gaining essential life skills, and generating higher-order thinking. This curriculum is designed not only to teach the concepts of business, marketing, entrepreneurship and entertainment production but also to build confidence among students struggling to find their place in life. It is our mission to provide passion and confidence to all students through the unconventional collaboration of entertainment and education. Our goal is to provide an educational opportunity that is fun.

It’s practical and authentic.

The curriculum teaches concepts and builds understanding through real-life experience. It requires students to participate in a wide variety of learning activities in which a tangible product is created and shared with individuals outside of the classroom, such as industry professionals and community members. This allows students to be creative and empowered by taking ownership of their own learning. Our purpose, as educators, is to prepare students for the “real world.” This program is designed to do just that.

It’s student-led.

You will not find lectures or slideshows within our curriculum, as we encourage students to gather information through research, thought development and peer collaboration. The majority of lessons are led by students, with the teacher serving as merely a guide. Interactive student-led activities include everything from independent research to developing and presenting a marketing campaign. Students will also obtain sponsorships, issue a press release and maintain an event budget, as well as many other engaging activities designed to stimulate higher order thinking.

It connects with multiple intelligences.

Many students are not reached through conventional educational programs. Reach and Teach is anything but conventional. The program strives to bring out talents and skills that typical learning experiences cannot. Students learn differently and the lesson plans in this program are designed to connect with multiple intelligences in order to enhance self-esteem and ensure effective learning.

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