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Updated: May 29, 2021

This spring, schools across the country decided to shake up their classroom and enroll in Campus Tour, a free educational program that provides students the opportunity to plan, promote, and produce a real entertainment broadcast. Students not only learned entrepreneurial and business concepts but also gained essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

The 13-week project requires students to set goals, analyze the target marketing, maintain a budget, develop product placement deals, storyboard, write scripts, create marketing strategies and so much more. But this isn't just a project, it's also a competition! Enrolled schools compete to generate the most views on their very own student-planned episode. At the end of the semester, a winner is determined based on total episode views, a technical skills rubric, and an industry professional panel rating. The winning school receives a $1,000 educational grant from Reach and Teach.

We are thrilled to announce the Spring 2021 winner of Campus Tour Season 2 is Jefferson Township High School in Oak Ridge, NJ. Their promotional efforts earned their episode over 900 views. The winner is determined using the following metrics: 40% total views, 30% technical & creativity rubric, and 30% professional panel review. Students in Ms. Melissa Kwiecinski's business class chose 4 segments in which they developed creative content: Campus Unsolved, Extra Eats, Just Don't, and School Duel. Click here, to learn more about Campus Tour and view Jefferson Township High School's winning episode, along with other participating schools.

Congratulations to students and educators of Jefferson Township High School for engaging in fun, effective, and innovative learning experiences. If your school district, fellow educators, or students are achieving big goals, let us know by emailing your spotlight story to


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