Reach and Teach is founded on the principle of authentic, student-led learning. We firmly believe in allowing students to gain knowledge through real-world experiences. This program is dedicated to bringing hands-on learning and real world application into the classroom as a means of exploring various career paths, gaining essential life skills and generating higher order thinking.

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Classroom Integration

The Reach and Teach curriculum is designed for easy integration into any business education classroom. Although the majority of lessons are geared specifically towards Marketing, each lesson covers a wide variety of content areas, such as reading, writing, and math. The nine week curriculum is standards based and flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of courses within multiple CTE career pathways.  

Since the curriculum is web-based, all lesson plans are easily accessible and free to anyone. Every lesson includes all handouts and resources necessary to executing each lesson. Flexibility allows for teachers to add additional resources and activities.  However, this is certainly not necessary as each lesson is fully developed to engage and challenge students. Complete lesson plans are available to print with enrollment in the Reach and Teach program.


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