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How are sponsorships beneficial for each entity involved?  


Obtaining sponsorships or product placement deals for an entertainment broadcast could mean the difference between a good show and a great show.  Sponsorships can provide not only financial support for an entertainment broadcast, but also legitimacy. An entertainment broadcast sponsored by well-known businesses lets your potential consumers know your show is worth watching. Before you begin contacting potential sponsors, there are a few factors that must be considered.  


Reach. You should determine the reach of your viewership.  Do you expect a large number of viewers? Decide on an approximate number with evidence to back it up.  Why do you expect that particular number of viewers? This information will also be very important to your potential sponsors.  

Audience. Know your audience.  This is where your market segmentation research and entertainment broadcast customer profile will be beneficial. If your target market is teenagers, it would be wise to contact potential sponsors who are interested in gaining the attention of teenagers, such as local ice cream shops or boutique clothing stores.   

Broadcast Location and Online Presence. Where and how will the sponsorship gain the attention of viewers?  While broadcast location, referring to where your show will be broadcasted, is important, online presence is becoming increasingly popular and may be more appealing to potential sponsors. Online presence, such as social media, is an important aspect of marketing and should be considered when developing various sponsorship packages and writing sponsorship proposals.  

After considering these factors, you should have a good idea of the type of potential sponsors your entertainment broadcast will attract. The next step is to develop sponsorship packages. It is important to have different levels of sponsorships in order to meet the various needs of potential sponsors. For example, local businesses may want to participate but might be unable to sponsor the entertainment broadcast at the financial level of a corporation.   

Once sponsorship packages are developed, it is time to identify potential sponsors and begin writing sponsorship proposals tailored to each individual entity. This individualization creates a personal aspect and aids in building a good foundation for a successful working partnership.  

Remember, not every potential sponsor you contact will be willing to participate. Do not let this discourage your students. Life application: Throughout your life, you may receive a thousand no’s, but it is important to pick yourself up and try again.  Sometimes, all it takes is one yes to change your life.  



Upon completion of this lesson, students will develop the skills through which they may:  ​​

  • Understand the concept of sponsorships in the entertainment industry. 

  • Identify potential entertainment broadcast sponsors. 

  • Prepare a sponsorship proposal for the entertainment broadcast. 

Click HERE to see full lesson plan with activities. 

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