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How can analysis lead to future success?


As seen in the last eight lessons, producing an entertainment broadcast takes a vast amount of planning, effort and time.  However, on premiere day, all of the hard work and preparation pays off. Your students have learned so much over the course of this program. Now it is time for them to experience the product of their hard work by watching the premiere for the first time. 

Following premiere day, students will analyze every aspect of the entertainment broadcast in relation to their SMART goals from lesson one.  Analysis is crucial to the success of future projects. Effective feedback collection can provide valuable insight into how to improve consumer experience and provide data for making better informed decisions.   

Once students have analyzed the success of the entertainment broadcast, students will have the opportunity to present their broadcast analysis summaries to industry professionals. This opportunity will provide students with valuable presentation and communication experience. Remember to stress the importance of professionalism but also remind students this is a learning experience. The purpose of this program is to provide students with the confidence and skills necessary to enter the real world and find their passion.


Upon completion of this lesson, students will develop the skills through which they may:  ​​

  • Develop and distribute a survey to obtain entertainment broadcast feedback. 

  • Analyze entertainment broadcast results, including consumer feedback, in order to evaluate the success of the project. 


Click HERE to see full lesson plan with activities. 

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