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National Graphic Design Competition Names a Winner!

Every year, Reach and Teach hosts a graphic design contest open to any student in grades 9-12. The overall goal? Creating a unique t-shirt design for the organization. The contest provides an opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and build their resumes. This year, over 160 designs were submitted by students all across the United States.

After careful consideration, the winner of the 2021 Reach and Teach T-Shirt Graphic Design Competition, selected by a team of industry professionals, is .....

Skyla Applegate, a sophomore at Veterans High School in Kathleen, GA. After high school, Skyla plans to pursue a career in Business & Marketing where her graphic design talents can be utilized on a regular basis. In addition to creative design, Skyla enjoys reading, writing, poetry, traveling, baking and architecture.

Every design submission required adherence to a specific set of guidelines, such as color scheme, font choices, and deadlines, just as any graphic design project does in the real world. Several designs were selected to receive feedback from the Reach and Teach Chief Creative Officer, Tony Pierce, with the request for edits and resubmission.

Skyla's winning design will be featured on the 2021 Reach and Teach official t-shirt, distributed to hundreds of donors, partners, and supporters from across the world.

Want a t-shirt? Simply donate $25 to Reach and Teach between now and April 17th to receive this student-designed, limited edition Reach and Teach t-shirt. Make your donation HERE.

Congratulations to Skyla, her graphic design teacher, Ashley Cline, and the entire Houston County School District. If your school district, fellow educators, or students are achieving big goals, let us know by emailing your spotlight story to

Check out the 2020 Reach and Teach T-Shirt, designed by TJ Glaser, student at Cordova High School in Cordova, AL.


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